About Us

What is KAKLASE?

A social networking platform with integrated marketplace and ad platform where user(s)/member(s) earns reward (activity points) for the loyalty which can be used to buy KAKLASE products and services.


KAKLASE contains the functionality anyone could possibly ask for.

  • News feed that displays updates from your friends and user(s)/member(s) you follow
  • Post images, videos, statuses, links and much more for your friends and followers to see
  • Sell products and services easily to user(s)/member(s), or just your friends
  • Instant and private messaging to your family relatives, friends or groups
  • Create Ads where you can promote businesses, brands, organizations as well as their public figures to other people.
  • Events to organize occasions, birthdays or outings
  • Private groups that only you and invited users can view
  • Create fund posts to raise donations for any cause from user(s)/member(s) around the world
  • Easy to use privacy settings. Control who can and who can't view your personal information
  • Plus much more!

Future Updates

We plan on making some major updates in the future to make KAKLASE a more enjoyable platform for all of our user(s)/member(s). We listen to all feedback requests submitted via our contact form (accessible after logging in), so keep them coming!

  • Integrating a blockchain technology based token
  • Bidding system for purchasing in the marketplace
  • Constant performance improvements
  • Along with tons of new things suggested by the KAKLASE user(s)/member(s) via our contact form

If you want to know all the ins and outs of KAKLASE, we recommend creating an account. The platform has much more to offer.

Contact & Support

If you have any questions about KAKLASE, our team, our technology, or anything in between, feel free to reach out via our Contact Us page or…

Website: https://kaklase.com                        Email:    info@kaklase.com


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